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Why use a travel agent?

Have you ever sat down, started planning a trip and then the baby cries, the phone rings or life is just pulling you in all directions? Well it happens to the best of us. It then makes us pay more or even not get what we want because of life’s many distractions. That’s where travel agents come in and being able to trust someone with knowledge of the trade to help you book your vacation.

Here are my reasons to use a travel agent

  1. IT IS FREE! Most travel agents are completely free to use their service and it only cost you what you would normally pay for the trip.

  2. They keep up on current information. With the way COVID changes almost daily having someone keeping up with every changing information is very helpful, especially if you are taking a cruise or going out of country.

  3. They help throughout the entire process. Travel agents help you from the moment you book, until the moment you check out from your destination. This gives you the security of knowing someone is there for you if needed

  4. They are experts in their specialities. If you are looking for someone who is going to help you with a Disney vacation, then you want someone who knows Disney.

It can be so helpful having someone who knows what they are doing. If you are looking for someone who specializes in Disney, email Having someone there for you, with something that could be good amount of money feels like a little assurance.

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