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Doing Disney with a Baby

There are some people out there that do not understand why we go to Disney when he is so young. I always get the “he will never remember this“ or “why waste time and money when there is nothing he can do”. He may not remember when he saw Mickey Mouse for the first time. But I remember the light in his eyes and the smile on his face. I am the one that will remember.

I am not going to lie even as a seasoned Disney goer I was nervous at first to bring a baby to Disney. It was his first time, but also there was COVID. I know there are people who are against traveling during COVID, but for our mental sake we needed to go. We made sure to follow all proper protocols in place so that we stayed safe on our trip.

Disney with my son ended up being my favorite way to go to Disney. I can not imagine walking down main street without seeing him looking at the bubbles and balloons or riding Dumbo and watching him laugh as we go up and down. So when someone tells you they are to young, don’t listen.

Now it does not mean it is the easiest things ever, but here are some things that I have found that help make it fun!

Being able to leisurely enjoy the parks without feeling rushed was great. We took breaks throughout the day for naps, either going back to our room or just finding a shady quiet place for him to sleep in the stroller. A stroller fan will be your best friend. When you are sweating and your child is sweating and is crying because they are hot, grab that fan, it’s a lifesaver.

Here is a big one, they are still free if they are under 3! This is huge for some people. Disney can be expensive so if you can save some money by not having to pay for a ticket for them, makes it all the more worth it!

Stay hydrated! Keep your baby hydrated, but also yourself. You can not take care of a baby if you have heatstroke. So it is so important for everyone to stay hydrated. Something I have used for my child if it is super hot and he may not be drinking, is Pedialyte. Obviously he is not drinking a sports drink so I try to keep his electrolytes up with that!

Enjoy every minute of it. There are so many times in our lives when we are rushed through the day to day motions, but taking time to enjoy the little things are just as important too! His first Dole whip, Dumbo ride and seeing Mickey are things I will never forget!

So take them while they are young. Do what everyone thinks is crazy, because in the end it is not up to anyone else!

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